Highlights of the Visit

In addition to the two world-famous attractions, the Postojna Cave Park offers a number of other experiences, perfect for an all-day trip that you will remember for years to come.

A World-Famous Marvel

A World-Famous Marvel

Postojna Cave and its exciting interior will take you on a fantastic journey beneath the surface of the Earth. Thus, it is no wonder that it has, during the 200 years since it was opened to the public, hosted over 36 million visitors from all over the world.

Postojna Cave Open throughout the Year

Between May and October, cave tours are held every hour, and in the off season three to four times daily. Tours take about an hour and a half, which gives you a perfect opportunity to see other sights within the Postojna Cave Park during the rest of the day.

Pivka Cave and Black Cave

Pivka Cave and Black Cave are the final two caves along the subterranean River Pivka, before it finally disappears and resurfaces in Planina Cave.

Predjama Castle and Cave under Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle and Cave under Predjama Castle

The castle perched up in the middle of a vertical cliff above the cave and its underground tunnels used to offer a refuge to a number of inhabitants, including the famous knight Erazem of Predjama. Nowadays, the castle is featured among the Guinness World Records as the largest cave castle...

Vivarium Proteus

There is more life in the complete and eternal darkness than we are willing to believe. Learn about the indigenous inhabitants of Postojna Cave.

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EXPO Postojna Cave Karst

People have supposedly been visiting the cave since the prehistoric times, for the most part due to curiosity and the desire to explore, which eventually evolved into tourism and guided cave tours. See the exhibition on the origins and development of Postojna Cave.

Exhibition Butterflies of the World

The photographic exhibition Butterflies of the World by Mr Slavko Polak, MSc, features colourful collections of over 3,000 diurnal and nocturnal butterflies from all over the world.

  • 06a Pivka in Modrijanova
  • 06b Pivka in Modrijanova
  • 06c Pivka in Modrijanova

River Pivka Ponor and Modrijan Homestead

Take a leisurely walk through the park to the River Pivka ponor and visit an old mill, part of Modrijan Homestead.

Life within a Billion Years

An exhibition presenting the evolution of life on the Earth in a most easy-to-understand and illustrative way, i.e. by means of a calendar year.

How to Reach Us

How to Reach Us

Postojna can be reached by car on the A1 motorway from the directions of Ljubljana or Koper (exit 41 Postojna). From Trieste it can be reached by taking the A3 motorway towards Divača, followed by the A1 motorway to Postojna. It can also be reached on regional roads from the directions of Idrija, Logatec, Cerknica, Ilirska Bistrica, Sežana or Ajdovščina.

Intercity buses from Ljubljana, Koper, Rijeka and Nova Gorica will take you to the bus station Postojnska jama in front of the Postojna Cave. Additional information about the timetables and bus connections in Slovenia.

Arriving to Postojna by train gives you an opportunity to see a bit of Postojna while walking from the railway station to the Postojna Cave Park. Additional information about the train timetables and train connections.

How About an Overnight Stay

Have a look at a wide range of accommodation options in the area and find a place to stay.

Food and Beverage Establishments

Food and Beverage Establishments

During your all-day adventure, you are bound to get hungry. Choose among the various food and beverage establishments located within the Postojna Cave Park.