Cave under Predjama Castle

Archaeological finds in the cavity behind the castle testify to human habitation in the Stone Age. Remnants from the Roman times have been discovered in the entry passage called the Stable, along with signatures dating back to the 16th century, which can be seen in the Passage of Names.

Cave under Predjama Castle is the second longest Slovene cave and is spread across four levels (with the exception of Erazem's Hole and Erazem's Passage all other levels are interconnected).

The length of all parts of the cave that have been discovered so far is 8 km. The part of the cave that has been set up for tourists is 700 metres and encompasses the Stable, the Main Passage, the Passage of Names, the Great Hall and Fiženca, where the exit to the surface is located.

Cave tours last 45 minutes. There is no electric illumination inside the cave and visitors are provided with flashlights before entering the cave. The only thing needed to visit the cave is comfortable clothing and footwear.

Owing to its position and favourable temperatures the cave is in the winter a popular refuge for a colony of bats and is therefore not open for visitors during the bats' hibernation period.

Also available is an adventure tour of the Predjama Cave System giving an opportunity for a special test of endurance for fitter visitors.

Cave under Predjama Castle tour timetable

Cave tours are possible in the following months according to the bellow timetable.  

11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00