Families with children

Families with children are kindly invited to pay us a visit, but beware: children might keep on talking about the wonderful things they have seen for months after the visit!

Family Adventure

A mighty iron gate is leading into the darkness. Even the first few steps inside the cave are mysterious and special. It is warmer than outside, humid, and a drop of water falling on your head may surprise you time and again. A ride aboard a cave train leads you through the cave areas where emperors used to dance, through the narrow slits between dripstones, passing secret cave paths and rock layers, which reveal millions of years in the history of our planet. They hide the traces of Neanderthals, cave bear skulls, the teeth of prehistoric animals. Hidden crevices, partisan trenches, bridges over precipices and the concert hall, where somebody's singings can be heard at all times. You carry on further into the darkness inhabited by special animals. Some of them you can see nowhere else in the world but here. Most likely hidden under a stone in the water, keeping company to the pale crabs and spiders, there is a pale dragon-like creature with two red bows on its neck – the olm. 

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At present, Postojna Cave is celebrating and taking extra care of one of the seven olms which live in the cave aquarium. This particular female olm is on the way of becoming a mom. She has attached its one and only egg on the glass wall of the aquarium. If you are respectful and kind to these extraordinary animals, they will show you a galaxy in this tiny white egg. They have 6 senses and although they have no eyes, they are able to see and hear you very well, and even feel your body.

And bear in mind: if you see a stalactite hanging from a ceiling, you can be sure there is another, smaller one, on the ceiling not far from it, almost like a reflection. It seems everything is turned upside down. As if the time did not exist. Here, there is no limit to children's imagination. 

Around the Cave on board a Train

The Postojna Cave train has been taking visitors around the cave for 140 years. Its 3.7-kilometre long journey begins at the train-boarding platform of the unique cave railway, where – especially in the summer – a lot of hustle and bustle is present, the kind that is otherwise typical of...

Food and Beverage Establishments

Food and Beverage Establishments

During your all-day adventure, you are bound to get hungry. Choose among the various food and beverage establishments located within the Postojna Cave Park.

How About an Overnight Stay

Have a look at a wide range of accommodation options in the area and find a place to stay.