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Postojna Cave Park

Meet the Queen of Caves

Tour Postojna Cave, the Queen of the Underground World.

29,90 €

Two Adventures

The package deal includes tours of Postojna Cave and the Predjama Castle.

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100% Cave Experience

The package deal includes tickets to Postojna Cave, the Vivarium, as well as the Expo Cave Karst and the Butterflies of the World exhibitions.

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Perfect daily plan:
visit the Predjama Castle first and see the Postojna Cave in the afternoon.

Postojna Cave

The Queen of the Underground World

Welcome to the most captivating cave in the world and the largest show cave in Europe! While touring the 24-kilometre-long cave system, you will get to feel the magic of the underground world and experience a one-of-a-kind ride on Postojna Cave's underground train

Explore Postojna Cave
Predjama Castle

The World's Largest Cave Castle

From the magical depths of Postojna Cave make your way to the fairytale world of knights. The Predjama Castle is another must-see Postojna Cave Park attraction – a veritable medieval miracle, perched in the middle of a rocky cliff for 800 years. Its unique location makes it one of ten most fascinating castles in the world.

Predjama Castle

The Mysterious Baby Dragons

In the Vivarium, you will have the opportunity to meet the animal superheroes, who live in the cave’s eternal darkness, and get to see the olms – the baby dragons, which have been exciting people's imaginations for centuries.

Explore the Vivarium
Expo Cave Karst

Karst Formations Uncovered

The award-winning Expo Cave Karst exhibition boasts an interactive presentation of the formation of subterranean karst features and illustrates the history of the cave.

Explore the Expo
Stay overnight!

An Overnight Stay in the Park

Take your time and spend several days exploring the sights of the Postojna Cave Park. Located in the heart of the Park, Hotel Jama boasts modern design, maximum comfort and lavish hospitality, and is also an excellent starting point for trips to the rest of Slovenia and the neighbouring countries.

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200 Years of the Cave Guiding Service

Heroes of the Wonderworld

Visitors from all over the world have been admiring the beauty of Postojna Cave for 200 years. The magnificent subterranean paradise has been revealed to the visitors  since 1824 by our cave guides, all of whom present this incredible natural wonder in their own unique ways. Meet the heroes of this wondrous world and learn about their stories. 


Help the Planet Stay Forever Young

With the hatching of Postojna Cave’s baby olms, nature gave us a great honour – and an even greater responsibility – to ensure a safe and healthy habitat for the olms, also known as the Proteus or the baby dragons. Help the baby dragon guardians protect one of nature’s greatest wonders!


Between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea

Discover Slovenia, a green pearl in the heart of Europe, which fascinates visitors with its snowy peaks, turquoise rivers and romantic seaside towns. Part of Slovenia's natural splendours is hidden under the surface, in a wonderful subterranean world. The Postojna Cave Park is a magical corner of the Karst world, ideally located at the junction of roads leading to Croatia, Italy, Hungary and Austria, a mere 46 kilometres from Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana.  


The Postojna Cave Park is home to three world-famous wonders – Postojna Cave, Predjama Castle and the olms. Aiming to preserve and protect them, we consider a wider picture and act in a sustainable way. By introducing sustainable mobility, we protect drinking water, keep nature intact and provide olms and other animal species with a safe living environment. 

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