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Visit the underground world and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience, discover the mysterious animal world of Postojna Cave's baby dragons – the olms, become explorers of the karst world, or live your own medieval castle fairytale.

Postojna Cave

The Queen of Caves

The story of Postojna Cave goes back millions of years. This one-of-a-kind natural marvel boasts majestic underground galleries and halls with a myriad of stalactites and stalagmites, and is the home of a number of mysterious animal species.

Postojna Cave

The Home of Underground Superheroes

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Expo Cave Karst

A Presentation of Karst and the Formation of Postojna Cave

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Predjama Castle

A Guinness World Record Holder in the Middle of a Rocky Cliff

Not far away, you will find the picturesque and mysterious Predjama Castle, perched proudly in the middle of a rocky cliff. The magnificent giant, which has been standing here for 800 years, is home to some exciting medieval legends.

Predjama Castle
The Secret Rooms of Hotel Jama

The Former Regime’s World of Mystery

Discover the Secret Rooms
Cave under Predjama Castle

Tour the Cave with a Torch and a Helmet

Explore the Cave under Predjama Castle
Pivka and Black Caves

A Double Karst Marvel Experience

Explore the Pivka and Black Caves
Otok Cave

A Natural Marvel Featured in Several Films

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Adventure Tours

The World of Cave Explorers for All Visitors

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Modrijan Homestead

In the Heart of Millers' Tradition

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