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Would you like to swap your classroom and textbooks for the picturesque scenes from Postojna Cave for a day? Explore the magical world of Postojna Cave – the cave with the greatest abundance of cave formations in the world. Without any textbooks.

Postojna Cave Tour

During an all-day adventure, students will learn all about the karst animate and inanimate worlds. While touring the caves, the Expo Cave Karst exhibition, the Life within a Billion Years exhibition, and the Vivarium, which boasts the world's largest exhibition of living cave-dwelling animals, they will learn how caves are formed, get acquainted with various karst features, cave-dwelling animals and Postojna Cave's fascinating history. The other main attraction is the Predjama Castle, which is all about history and by all means a magnificent sight. In the Postojna Cave Park, students have the opportunity to visit two world-famous attractions and five educational exhibitions. An equally interesting feature is the education path along the river Pivka, which leads through the park, where students can learn about the characteristics of sinking rivers.

An Unforgettable School Trip: Postojna Cave and the baby olms

Pupils will set off on a tour of Postojna Cave with a ride on our one-of-a-kind cave train and discover the beauties and special features that make Postojna Cave a natural wonder. The tour guide will tell the pupils all about the process of stalactite/stalagmite formation, various forms of karst formations, the history of Postojna Cave and the latest findings. Postojna Cave’s tour guides will introduce the pupils to the world of the largest cave-dwelling animal and life in the subterranean world. 

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Postojna Cave Park

The Predjama Castle is a Guinness World Record holder as the world's largest cave castle. Two other Postojna Cave Park attractions are the EXPO Cave Karst and the Vivarium, two one-of-a-kind exhibitions that can be used as effective karst-related learning tools and as a basis for further classroom work. 


Come and see a magical medieval castle that has been perched in the middle of a steep rocky cliff for 800 years. Learn the legend of the rebellious knight Erazem of Predjama, discover a secret tunnel and see two new exhibition collections.


The award-winning interactive exhibition EXPO Cave Karst is one of the major milestones in the history of Postojna Cave and an excellent introduction to learning about various karst features that the pupils get to see in the cave.


In Slovenia's only vivarium with cave-dwelling animals you have the opportunity to get to know some of the 150 different species. See their amazing shapes and learn about their remarkable adaptations to life in eternal darkness.

Guided tours for school groups are available for primary-school and secondary-school students.

Science Field Trips

Karst Caves

Postojna Cave and Expo Cave Karst (2.5 – 3 h)

Castle Adventure

Predjamski grad in Postojnska jama (2, 5 h)

Comprehensive Exploration of the Karst    Postojna cave, Expo Cave Karst, Predjama Castle (3 – 4 h)
Underground Trekking Tour

Postojna Cave, Black and Pivka Caves, Karst forest, Expo Cave Karst (3 – 4 h)

Educational Path "The Modrijan Mill and the Venecijanka Saw"

Another educational path in the Postojna Cave Park includes a guided tour of the Modrijan mill, the so-called venecijanka saw (a water-driven saw) and the river Pivka ponor. The waterwheels of the Modrijan Mill (the Lower Mill) on the Pivka have been going round in this very spot for five centuries, which makes the mill a true ethnological pearl.

The mill building houses an occasional exhibition "About Mills and Millers", where visitors can learn all sorts of interesting things about mills on the river Pivka and millers’ life throughout history.  Electricity has been used to set up the mechanism that propels the millstone, so visitors can also learn how grain is turned into flour.  

Milling is one of the oldest human activities, since flour has been used as a basic ingredient of a whole range of foods since ancient times. Throughout its history, milling has gone through several developmental stages, ranging from grinding cereal grain into flour on grinding stones and in mortars, through the use of hand mills or querns, the exploitation of natural energy sources, such as the wind or water, as well as the most state-of-the-art technical solutions, such as using steam or electric motors.

Programmes for Teachers and Other Education Professionals

We also offer a variety of study tours and excursions designed for teachers and other education professionals, such as field trips for the entire teaching staff of Slovenian or foreign schools, meetings of head teachers or study groups. Their aim is for participants to get acquainted with a number of new features and to experience the one-of-a-kind subterranean karst world.

Study tours include a tour of all of our sights, including an adventure trekking tour in both the subterranean world and above the surface, as experienced by students as part of their tour. A visit to the Expo Cave Karst exhibition or the Vivarium is followed by an underground trekking tour through Postojna, Pivka and Black Caves, in the cave areas that are not part of regular cave tours.

The meeting halls in the Jamski Dvorec mansion feature state-of-the-art equipment and are an excellent choice as a venue for teaching staff conferences, professional meetings of head teachers and other similar events. Food and drinks can be provided on request.

A free open day for Slovenian schools is organised every year for teachers and other education professionals. Up to five representatives of each school can apply for the free event. If more than five people are interested and the school's curriculum does not yet include a trip to Postojna Cave, a study tour for all school staff members can be organised at a good price. The same conditions apply to study groups.