The Postojna Cave in all of its beauty and splendours will give you an experience you will remember for years to come. Your trip will be an even more perfect one if you round it off by seeing other sites and the beauty of the area surrounding the cave.

  • Postojna

    A fantastic web of tunnels, passages, galleries and halls, the astonishing diversity of Karst features as well as easy access are certainly the main reasons for such popularity of the cave.


    2390 EUR

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  • Predjama

    The Predjama Castle reigns over the surrounding area, perched high up in a vertical cliff, 9 km from the Postojna Cave, in the idyllic village of Predjama.


    1190 EUR

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  • We recommend


    Super Package: most visited - maximum savings. Choosing the Super package allows you to visit two World Attractions and four exhibitions.

    5360 EUR

    3790 EUR

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  • Two World Attractions

    Postojna Cave
    Predjama Castle

    The ticket package combines a tour of the Postojna Cave and a visit to the Predjama Castle. Both sites can be visited throughout the year, the Predjama Castle is however most fascinating in the spring and the summer, when its natural surroundings are more beautiful than at any other time. 

    3580 EUR

    3190 EUR

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  • Family Weekend in the Underworld of Dragons

    Why not indulge yourself in a relaxing weekend in the underworld of dragons and experience the relaxing silence of pristine nature.


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  • Postojna Cave + Hotel Jama

    By choosing this package deal you will get to enjoy not only one, but two caves! You will visit the world-famous attraction, which has been welcoming and fascinating numerous visitors for centuries, and spend the night at Hotel Jama (i.e.

    7790 EUR

    6990 EUR

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Adventures that take place in the Postojna Cave Park can be a wonderful gift.

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