Full Park Experience

The ticket includes entrance fees for Postojna Cave, the Predjama Castle, the Vivarium, as well as the exhibitions Expo Cave Karst, Life within a Billion Years, and Butterflies of the World.

Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is a fascinating natural wonder, but no special preparations are needed before visiting it. A large part of the cave's beautiful halls and cave formations are seen during an exciting ride with an electric cave train, while the rest of the halls and passages with a myriad of magnificent cave features are explored on foot accompanied by a tour guide.


Predjama Castle

The picturesque, magnificent, challenging, mysterious and impregnable castle has been perched in the middle of a 123-meter-high rocky cliff for over 800 years. Its romantic exterior and location are complemented by the idyllic river Lokva, which disappears underground deep below the castle.



Postojna Cave is the cradle of speleobiology as it is inhabited by over 150 species of cave-dwelling animals. Since they are almost impossible to see during a cave visit, you can meet them in the Vivarium – an underground zoo.


Expo Cave Karst

Expo Cave Karst is the world's largest exhibition of caves and the karst. It features interactive presentations of the formation and history of the most famous show cave in the world. Visitors learn about the karst and the karst formations through projections of various contents on a three-dimensional model.


Life within a Billion Years

The exhibition presents the characteristics of individual geological periods since the formation of the Earth to this day. The periods are presented by means of a timeline consisting of a calendar year, which is comparable to our perception of time from 1 January to 31 December. The presented development of the Earth spanning 4.5 billion years includes the emergence of water, continental drifts, the origin of life and the emergence of human life.


Butterflies of the World

Butterflies are a symbol of lightness, freedom, transformation and new life. Visit the colourful exhibition featuring more than 3,000 diurnal and nocturnal butterflies from all over the world and see photographs of extremely rare and protected butterfly species.


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