Introducing Magdalena Cave

Pivka Cave, the first siphon, the second siphon, an air pocket, the third siphon, Magdalena Cave! This is the cave explorers' historic dive and the recently discovered new connection within the Postojna Cave system described in a few words.

The descent – the Magdalena Cave can be accessed from the surface through two connecting vertical shafts. The first descent is accompanied by the lush green of the forests surrounding it. The first explorers entered this cave shaft in 1892.

15 meters under the surface in the »adjustment zone« – a  place where a soft breeze announces the 1395 meters of tunnels ahead, as the light above struggles with the darkness. 

The wait is a caving constant. Wait for the others, wait to be sure it's safe, wait for the adventure to really start.

One last safety check, a »battle plan« and a few laughs… 


… and we are ready for the last 45 meters. Hitting it with fascination and awe.

A cute cave. This is how cavers tipicaly describe the 89 m deep Magdalena Cave. Although a small cave, it is extremely rich in formations, landscape and wildlife. It's hidden galleries and lakes with »baby dragons« make it mesmerising. But don't underestimate it as it has it's raw side.

Imagine Alien without the "scary", only the majestic, untouched and magical nature.

A sharp and gorgeously visible tectonic break spreads along the ceiling of the main hall. It is one of Magdalena Cave's nicest attributes. The collapsed ceiling on the top and bottom is covered with formations – They are slowly locking the events which caused the collapse in time.  

… nothing so strangely beautiful was ever presented to us,

and spontaneously we ask each other the same question:

are we not dreaming?  

É. A. Martel, "Les causses du Languedoc"


This is how the father of modern speleology E. A. Martel described Magalena Cave after discovering the new underground paths of river Pivka, right after he stepped out of his famous boat at the underground »beach« in 1883. 


Despite the centuries of exploring, the vast Postojna Cave underground remains hidden and not fully known to this day. It is still luring explorers inside, to reveal all it's secrets.