A Historic Day for Postojna Cave!

A new day record for the Postojna Cave Park with 14,000 visitors in a single day.

"It seems that all roads lead to Postojna Cave and not to Rome," jokingly said Marjan Batagelj, Postojna Cave's managing director, happy with yesterday's record-breaking number of visitors to the Postojna Cave Park. On the day preceding a public holiday, Postojna Cave was visited by 7,781 people, the Predjama Castle by 3,522 visitors, and all the other attractions within the Park recorded an extraordinary day as well, resulting in a total of 14,000 Postojna Cave Park visitors.

Ready for Anything

"I said there was going to be a record and it did happen," says Marjan Batagelj. "It sounds simple, but it requires a lot of work by highly experienced staff, which anticipated an increased number of visitors, preparing for it suitably. This includes traffic guards, car park attendants, people providing information, entertainers, shop assistants, cave train drivers, tour guides, food service workers etc. The atmosphere in the park was fantastic!"

Quality or Quantity?

We are very happy about the records, that's no secret, but the visitor experience comes first. Batagelj points out that "satisfied visitors are without doubt our best promoters". Two of our visitors from Italy (Francesco P. and his daughter) stood in a queue to get tickets for two hours. "It was worth it! A visit to the cave is an unforgettable experience," they commented when leaving. "On days like yesterday, visitors' expectations reach a peak. If we want our visitors to leave satisfied, the cave experience must exceed their expectations," adds Batagelj.

It Never Rains inside Postojna Cave …

This is undoubtedly one of the reasons for yesterday's record-breaking number of visitors. Most visitors were Italians (just over 27%), followed by Germans (8.5%), the Spanish (8%), Israelis (6.5%), as well as visitors from the Netherlands and France with 5.5% each. "There's bad weather every year. The question is how come there is such increasing interest in Postojna Cave at the moment," wonders Marjan Batagelj. He attributes a large part of yesterday's historic day to the hard work of Postojna Cave's fine-tuned marketing team.

Exceptional Results also at the Predjama Castle, in the Hotels and the Food and Beverage Establishments

More than 3,500 visitors to the Predjama castle are another proof that yesterday was truly a historic day. We are proud that we managed to put both Postojna Cave and the Predjama Castle on the map of the world's top attractions, the kind of sights that make an increasingly large number of tourists stop in Slovenia. Some of them come for several days, which is confirmed by a very high accommodation occupancy rate – not only at Hotel Jama within the Postojna Cave Park, but in the whole municipality and beyond, as free room are hard to come by these days. When Postojna Cave is doing well, everyone is doing well.