Grass-cutting in Predjama

In early July locals gather around the legendary Predjama castle.

They wear their special clothing from ages that no longer are and they are equipped with special tools – hand scythes. They scatter around the meadows surrounding the castle to showcase how grass was cut in the old days and what an event it was. The men would cut the grass, as the women took care of food and drinks before grabbing the rakes. A feast followed the hard work. Our camera participated in this event and brought out the stories of people who remember the days long gone.


The men would spend days working their way through the grass.


Grass cutting in steep terrain is a challenge. It used to be done in the mountains, where it presented an even greater challenge.


The women would cook and bring the food and drinks to men.


Dirt made the cutting harder and sharpening the blade every few minutes was something normal.



After the cutting was done, women took over to gather the cut grass. Their skilled hands made the grass fly in all directions.


The hat of a true grass cutter is always decorated with flowers.


3 dried bouquets and 1 fresh to note the 4 years of traditional grass cutting at Predjama Castle.