Passion Sea and Postojna Cave for Clean Water

In Postojna, today has been dedicated to water. To its immense power witnessed daily in the wonderful karst features, inside Postojna Cave, in our baby dragons, as well as the water coming out of our bathroom or kitchen taps every morning. 

We had accepted an invitation from the association Passion Sea, supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. The association's CEO, Helga Piaget, and the Creative Director, Fiona Tan, visited the cave and experienced it in much the same way as almost any other visitor, in the way all of us experience it every time we step inside it: as an extraordinary, special and timeless marvel. We welcomed Helga Piaget, who is spreading the awareness of the importance of clean water and educating children about it all around the world, after she had been enchanted by the story of our olms.

In his speech, Marjan Batagelj, the Postojna Cave's Managing Director, stressed that we must not turn our backs on environmental issues and that we also need to educate children in much the same spirit. Slovenian waters must not turn into ʽjust another problemʼ, therefore, we all need to be consistent and unrelenting when it comes to observing the laws and guidelines in this field. This is not only about the relationship and attitude to natural resources, it is about the attitude to our natural monuments and animals. ʽBy adopting the right attitude towards these most endangered animal species, people show their respect,ʼ pointed out Marjan Batagelj.

In her speech, the CEO of Passion Sea touched on the association's efforts and support for the education of children. She pointed out that the waters must not be a ʽchemical cocktailʼ and praised the efforts of the company Postojnska jama d.d. (the manager of Postojna Cave) and its employees and their contribution to the olms' successful reproduction inside the cave. On this occasion, the association presented Postojna Cave with a special white flag, a symbol of clean waters. Helga Piaget has also signed our Visitors' Book, thanking us for the ʽ wonderful moments out of time in dragon Caveʼ.

Today's event involved our two biologists, among others. As they work most closely with the baby dragons, the biologists also stressed the importance of clean water for the olms' development. Primož Gnezda pointed out that poisoning the olms' water equals poisoning people's air.

The opening speeches were followed by passing around a glass of water taken from the Kopa in the cave as a symbolic gesture – this was participated in by all of the guests, visitors and cave employees. The aim of passing around of a beaker from the ʽbaby dragon's laboratoryʼ was to stress the importance of taking care of every single – even the smallest – drop of water, as the drops are what makes up the stories of our cave and the creatures that inhabit it.

The water from the Kopa in a special bottle featuring an olm drawing was gifted to the Passion Sea's CEO, Helga Piaget, who will spread the story of our water and our olms all over the world. Both guests were presented with hand-made glass olms with eggs made of Swarovski crystals and a drawing by Marko Kočevar, which was especially well liked by Ms Piaget.