Postojnska jama d.d. - Recipient of the AAA Creditworthiness Rating Excellence Certificate

The company Postojnska jama d.d. Postojna has been awarded the "AAA Creditworthiness Rating Excellence Certificate - A Bisnode Solution", which is the top creditworthiness rating class in Slovenia.

The outstanding business results which the company Postojnska jama, d.d. has been achieving continuously for a number of years is further confirmed by the AAA Creditworthiness Rating Excellence Certificate, which the company was awarded earlier this week. Postojnska jama d.d. is among the top 1.98% legal entities in Slovenia which rank in the top (AAA) creditworthiness class and the only company with such a certificate within its industry.

The creditworthiness rating excellence constitutes an above-average rating value of business entities. It is based on the

entities' financial statements for the previous financial year and forecasts the safety of business operations within the next

twelve months. Companies with creditworthiness rating excellence achieve above-average results. In the international environment, certification has become common practice and a business entities’ means for further consolidating their reputation and trust in the domestic and foreign business environments. Holders of the certificate thus gain additional trust of their business partners.

The Bisnode Group has a long-standing tradition in awarding creditworthiness rating excellence certificates in the following twelve European countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.