The Famed Nick Knowles in Postojna Cave

One of the best-known British TV personalities and a train enthusiast visited the world-famous Postojna Cave and spent a night at the mysterious Hotel Jama. What went on during his visit?

After a long BBC television career, Nick Knowles is now the presenter on the Channel 5 travel documentary series “Amazing Railway Adventures with Nick Knowles”.

After his previous train adventures in various exotic countries, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Alaska and Peru, he chose Slovenia as his next destination. As part of his trip, he visited Ljubljana, Bled and Piran, as well as Postojna Cave, which wowed him with its one-of-a-kind subterranean railway and the legendary cave train boasting a history of more than 150 years:  

“This is without doubt the most beautiful train journey I’ve ever experienced, set in the most fascinating environment”. This was Knowles’s enthusiastic comment after his tour of Europe’s largest show cave and his encounter with the baby dragons. He also shared his impressions in Postojna Cave’s Golden Book of Visitors: “Hotel Jama, my second home, one that is always worth coming back to.” Nick Knowles, who was welcomed to the Postojna Cave Park by the sales manager Lana Batagelj, is a world-famous TV presenter and writer, and he has also released his own music album titled Every Kind Of People (2017), which was one of the most popular albums in the UK and the USA. As a child, he lived in London’s Southall district, where his father introduced him to trains. “Every day, he would take me to a metal bridge from where we could watch steam locomotives passing underneath. We had lots of fun as we disappeared in a cloud of smoke left by the locomotives.” You can watch his Postojna Cave adventure on Channel 5: