The Living Nativity Scenes in Postojna Cave: So Beautiful It Makes You Cry

Yesterday, Slovenia’s biggest Christmas and New Year’s spectacle premiered in Postojna Cave. The Living Nativity Scenes, which are staged inside Postojna Cave from 25 to 30 December and are an awe-inspiring combination of natural grandeur and a mysterious Christmas story, have wowed the spectators like never before.

“This is the story of our fervent wish for people to reconcile their differences and for peace to reign on Earth,” is this year's message of Postojna Cave’s Living Nativity Scenes, briefly summarised by the Managing Director of Postojna Cave, Marjan Batagelj. You are bound to get goose bumps when an angel, portrayed by the great vocalist Sara Briški Cirman – Raiven, sings and symbolically puts down the battle armour during the final act in the magnificent Concert Hall. “Extremely sensual, well-thought-out and staged at such a high level that no other event in Slovenia, or even across the border, comes close to Postojna Cave’s Living Nativity Scenes," is the high praise given by critics from the neighbouring Croatia.

Between 25 and 30 December, Postojna Cave is transformed into a 5-kilometre-long stage with as many as 18 scenes, which currently makes it the world’s longest stage and is reminiscent of a magnificent natural cathedral. This year’s highlights include the powerful voices and distinctive narrative dynamics of the performing vocalists: the aforementioned Raiven, as well as Anea Mercedes Anžlovar, Urška Kastelic and Blaž Gantar. The light and video animation, as well as the dynamic Biblical narration, which is connected with the current situation in the world by more than 100 performers, are equally as impressive. During the cave train ride, visitors can also see a one-of-a-kind nativity scene created by the internationally renowned artist Ejti Štih.

The CNN, one of the world’s largest media outlets, has described the living nativity with the longest tradition in Slovenia (staged for the first time in 1989) as one of the most beautiful depictions of Christmas. It is therefore hardly surprising that there is a lot of interest in seeing this magnificent show during the holidays. The number of tickets, which include a ride on the underground train, a tour of the entire tourist part of Postojna Cave, the Living Nativity show, including a performance by four vocalists, is limited. For this reason, the Postojna Cave Park recommends buying tickets online, which is the only guarantee that you will get to experience the Christmas fairy tale.

The 90-minute Living Nativity performance in Postojna Cave is a feast for the eyes, even for children. It’s a dynamic, interactive, fairy-tale like show, which means that the youngest family members will definitely not get bored, not for a single moment. In addition, the accompanying programme includes an open fire, a Christmas market and lambs, which children are welcome to pet. And there’s more: you can also visit the exhibition on the history of the cave train, and see a new festive-season feature: Christmas lights shaped as baby dragons. 

All the visitors who wish to spend a festive day in the Postojna Cave Park and see the Living Nativity Scenes, are entitled to an exclusive 50% discount on tickets to the Expo Cave Karst exhibition and the Vivarium, where they can see the baby dragons  among other cave-dwelling animals.