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Ticket includes entrance to the Postojna Cave, a ticket for the Tour of Predjama Castle, entrance to the Proteus Vivarium and EXPO Postojna Cave Karst.

Postojna Cave

The tour around the cave starts at the entry platform of the unique Cave railway. While you are admiring the natural sculptures, the train will take you for 2 kilometres to the Great Mountain, where you will get off and continue the tour on foot. An illuminated path will take you over the Great Mountain (the Cavalry) through the Beautiful Caves until you get to the Brilliant Passage, where the most famous stalagmite and the symbol of the Postojna Cave can be seen – the Brilliant. As part of the walking tour visitors also have a look at an aquarium with the proteus Proteus (also called the olm or the human fish) in the Concert Hall. The tour ends by getting on the train and returning to the surface.

Predjama Castle

This picturesque, magnificent, defiant, mysterious and impregnable castle has been perched up in the middle of a vertical 123-metre high cliff for more than 800 years. Its romantic appeal is further emphasized by the idyllic River Lokva, which disappears into the underground world deep down below the castle.

In July of each year, the Predjama Castle travels back in time and the sound of fanfare trumpets announces Erazem's Knight Tournament. Archers, swordsmen and cavalry men get an opportunity to compete with one another. The area below the castle and the little village of Predjama is brimming with all sorts of craftsmen, comedians and jesters. Visitors mingle with knights and the ladies accompanying them and can indulge in a medieval feast prepared by top chefs. Tournament visitors are also greeted by Erazem of Predjama himself and his lady friend.

Proteus Cave Vivarium

The Proteus cave - Vivarium, is located 100 metres from the entrance into the Postojna Cave, which is well-known for the diversity and a large number of species of cave-dwelling animals - in respect of this it is the best of its kind in the world. Representatives of most species of cave-dwelling animals have been discovered and recorded here for the first time and the Postojna Cave is thus considered the cradle of speleobiology, a branch of biology and the scientific study of the underground world. A visit to Vivarium Proteus is recommended to anyone who is at least a little bit curious about the extraordinary life which has been completely adapted to special subterranean conditions. You will learn about everything there is to know about the proteus, sometimes referred to as the baby dragon.

EXPO Postojna Cave Karst

EXPO Postojna Cave Karst is the largest permanent exhibition about the cave and the karst phenomena around the world.

The exhibition features interactive presentations of contents that speak volumes about the formation and extraordinary history of the tourism-related development of the most famous show cave in the world. Visitors get to learn about the karst and karst phenomena through projections of various contents onto a three-dimensional model, discover the peculiarities of the karst environment and learn about all superlatives and milestones attributed to Postojna Cave on the Wall of Fame.

The exhibition is of interest to visitors who are not familiar with the karst or caves and to experts alike. Special attention is devoted to children, who are guided through the exhibition interactively by the olm and the slenderneck beetle. They can even drive the unique cave train by themselves. Fun and interactive.

Visitors of the EXPO Postojna Cave karst can visit two other exhibitions free of charge: Life in billion years and Butterflies of the World. Three exhibitions for the price of one.

The largest exhibition about the karst and Postojna Cave, as its most unique feature, is staged in the Postojna Cave Park, in the building at the beginning of the promenade.