Career Prospects

Here in the Postojna Cave we are delighted to hear about your wishes, ideas and expectations. We are aware of the utmost importance of constant learning and skill enhancement and we can therefore create memorable experiences together.

If you wish to work for us either in the field of tourist guide service, hospitality, marketing or you are an expert in the technical fields, or merely looking for student work or apprenticeship, send us a short resume with the description of work you are interested in. If there is a vacancy matching your skills, you will be invited for an interview.

Send your applications to:

Postojnska jama (Personnel Department)
Jamska c. 30
6230 Postojna

More information: Sanja Gorup Teinović

Let's create unforgettable stories together!


polni certifikat ANG   

Actual invitation

Web / Social Media Administrator

We offer internship/position in our marketing department.       

Our plans for 2016 are ambitious  therefore we would like a new talent to join our team to take care of our website and maintain company accounts on social media sites. Including but not limited to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, corporate, etc. 

If you:

  • are creative and think “out of the box”;
  • are able to effectively multitask
  • are fluent in English;
  • can clearly communicate your ideas;
  • are a good storyteller;
  • follow trends in digital marketing;
  • have great customer service set of mind;
  • are able to work individually or with a group productively;
  • are very computer savvy and have experience using media sites;
  • can work in a fast paced environment;
  • are independent, dedicated, and a bit fanatic (to fit our team :-) ) ...


... send your CV with references to no later than May 9th 2016.


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