EXPO Postojna Cave Karst

Formation of the cave world is a combination of a number of exceptional occurrences and coincidences. Visit the EXPO Postojna Cave Karst and see the highly informative exhibitions and historical evidence about the cave formation and life.

A stroll around Postojna Cave is an unforgettable experience, and equally awe-inspiring is to fully comprehend the significance of its creation and its development as a show cave. The extensive exhibition offers an overview of exceptional events and a combination of coincidences that resulted in the nature's formation of the world-famous Postojna Cave, created for all of us to admire.

EXPO Postojna Cave Karst is the world's largest exhibition on caves and the karst. Visitors get to learn about the karst and karst phenomena by means of projections of various contents onto a three-dimensional model, discover the peculiarities of the karst environment and learn about all superlatives and milestones attributed to Postojna Cave on the Wall of Fame.

The exhibition is of interest to visitors who are not familiar with the karst or caves and to experts alike. Special attention is devoted to children, who are guided through the exhibition interactively by the olm and the slenderneck beetle. They can even have a go at driving the unique cave train. A fun and interactive experience.

The exhibition pavilion is situated in the Postojna Cave Park. Visitors to the

exhibition pavilion can visit two other exhibitions for free: Life within a Billion Years and Butterflies of the World. Three exhibitions for the price of one.

Tour Timetable EXPO Postojna Cave Karst


Exhibition Living in billions of years, is open all year round, by prior arrangement


Ticket Price List

The prices listed are per person.

Adults 9,90 €
Pupils, students 7,90 €
Children aged 15 or less 5,90 €
Children aged 5 or less 1,00 €