Act Sustainably


Since we want to keep our planet clean and make sure that the future generations will have a bright future, we are doing our best to take as many sustainable steps as possible within the shortest possible time. By introducing sustainable solutions into our stories, we are gradually changing the habits of individuals and raising awareness of the importance of preserving a clean environment and the underground world, which is home to numerous subterranean animals and also the source of our drinking water.

Think Deeper

The karst surface is highly permeable, which makes reducing the amount of traffic in the Karst all the more important. There is another world under the Earth’s surface. Everything that gets polluted on the surface ends up underground. By using sustainable public transport in the area of the karst fields and the caves underneath, you contribute to the preservation of a clean environment and our drinking water.

Our mission is to also protect the world under the Earth’s surface and thus preserve the subterranean natural beauties, so all the coming generations will get to enjoy them in the future. The Postojna Cave Park boasts some of the finest natural wonders and is happy to welcome any curious visitor who wants to see the beauties of nature in person. Aiming to preserve the pristine nature, we do our best to act as sustainably as possible at all levels of our work and gradually change the habits of both our employees and visitors. One of the main steps is to introduce sustainable mobilityin the Postojna Cave Park and beyond.

Cars emit exhaust gases into the atmosphere, and large amounts of toxic substances onto the surface and into the underground world. These toxicants include road dirt, chemicals in windscreen cleaners, condensation with numerous toxic impurities, oil, lubricants and tyre microplastics. On rainy days, all the road dirt seeps through the permeable karst surface into the underground world and the groundwater.


Side by Side towards Changes

Excessive use of individual means of transport results in unendurable and unconscious destruction of the underground world, which is the main source of our drinking water and home to many animal species. Postojna Cave is considered the cradle of speleology and a habitat for more than 150 cave-dwelling animal species, including the world-famous phenomenon – the olms also known as the “baby dragons”, which are endemic to our underground world and are a symbol of clean water. This is a step in the right direction that’s in the hands of us, humans. The more awareness there is at the individual level, the bigger the community united by the desire to preserve the planet forever young and thus ensure a better future for the next generations.

For this reason we are extremely proud of our ongoing Protect Proteus Project, which helps us fulfil the mission entrusted to us by nature with the hatching of olms (the proteus) – to ensure a healthy habitat for olms. As part of the project, we are developing laboratories for the development of this animal species, raising awareness of the importance of groundwater and drinking water, and keeping the planet forever young. We encourage everyone to become a Superhero by adopting sustainable approaches and responsible behaviour.

Sustainable Travel

An important step towards making our company operations and our community sustainable is the newly established SHUTTLE BUS, which runs on the route Postojna Railway Station – Postojna Cave – Predjama Castle and back. The bus is part of the international project Predjama Sustainable, which promotes sustainable mobility and contributes to mitigating climate change. We also strongly encourage the use of other public transport options that bring visitors to Postojna.


Did you know? #thinkdeeper

  • Only 3% of the Earth’s water is safe to drink and a mere 0.5% of this potable water is accessible. The rest remains hidden in natural subterranean reservoirs and in glaciers. Let’s protect it!
  • Whatever gets polluted on the Earth’s surface, ends up in our bottles and glasses. The high permeability of the soil makes the karst even more sensitive. Act sustainably!
  • Olms – also known as baby dragons – have some amazing super powers. Their only threat are humans and their actions! Let’s protect the waters that are the olms’ natural habitat!
  • Motorways are slowly eating away at the green countryside. Using public transport reduces traffic, while also preserving nature. Travel sustainably!
  • The environment is not only polluted by exhaust fumes, but also by harmful substances that pass from roads into the groundwater, which is the source of our drinking water. Think deeper!

Predjama Sustainable Project, news

The Predjama Sustainable Project Has Been Launched (First Period)

Following the project launch, the Postojnska jama d. d. company joined the Predjama working group, designated by the mayor of Postojna. In addition to Postojnska jama d. d., the group consists of the local residents (Bukovje Civil Parish), representatives of the Municipality of Postojna, and the Institute for Spatial Policies (IPOP). The working group has identified the key challenges, assessed the current situation and gradually designed a set of measures that are an integral part of the mobility plan for Predjama. During the summer months (July, August and early September), Postojnska jama d. d. in cooperation with the Municipality of Postojna provided regular bus transportation from the Postojna Cave Park to the Predjama Castle for Postojna Cave Park visitors. Organised transportation has reduced traffic congestion in Predjama during the high season. At the end of 2022, Postojnska jama d. d. invested its own funds in a parking lot in Predjama. The company also actively participated in the preparations for a study visit for the Norwegian partners from the Municipality of Strand, who visited us in the last week of September 2022. We gave the project partners a tour of our destination, so they could better understand the traffic in this area, the mobility flows and related problems. We presented the situation and the key challenges, and as part of a workshop, which was held in Predjama the next day, we looked for solutions and formulated proposals for measures, which were later included in the mobility plan. In the subsequent months, we coordinated the proposals for the measures and the mobility plan with all the local stakeholders and project partners. The final result was the adopted document titled The Predjama Tourist Destination Mobility Plan, which includes a set of implementation measures aimed at improving the situation in the field of sustainable mobility.

Active Promotion of the Use of Sustainable Mobility (Second Period)

After the Mobility Plan was adopted, Postojnska jama d. d. started implementing measures as a Predjama Sustainable project partner. A new bus stop was set up at the Postojna Cave Park. Among others, buses running the new regular Postojna-Predjama bus route, which is expected to start during the upcoming the summer, will stop there. 
We have also started a public awareness campaign. We have produced a video and a document with impactful environmental statements that will encourage both potential visitors and those who have already visited the destination to embrace sustainable mobility. The environmental statements and the video will be featured in the social-media awareness campaigns and advertisements in the future; in fact, some of them have already published on our website. We have also created an Act Sustainably website subpage, which will be supplemented with interactive screens in the coming months. Other planned activities include joint campaigns with transportation providers, which are expected to be launched as soon as the regular Postojna-Predjama bus route is established.