The Living Nativity in Postojna Caves

25 – 30 December 2023

This holiday season, embark on a magical journey and witness a spectacle like no other – the Living Nativity in Postojna Cave.

Nestled beneath the earths surface, this extraordinary event will transport you back in time to relive the timeless story of Christmas in a setting that’s nothing short of magical.

Postojna Cave mysterious underground world will host the largest living nativity scene in Slovenia, one of the world’s most beautiful Christmas stagings. 

What to Expect

 The magical ninety minutes of the fairytale-like subterranean world is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

Awe-Inspiring Performances: A cast of over 100 actors that will bring 18 biblical scenes to life, telling the tale of the Christmas miracle.

 Angelic Singing: This year’s Living Nativity scenes in Postojna Cave will feature the rich vocals of four international superstars, who will perform various evergreen Christmas songs, such as Ave Maria and Silent Night.

 Illuminated Beauty: The cave’s natural formations are meticulously highlighted, making every corner of Postojna Cave a spectacle of light, colour, and beauty, unlike any other Christmas event.

More Surprises: 5 instrumental performances, various dance acts and more

Angelic Singing

An international spectacle featuring excellent Slovenian musicians and vocalists from Italy.


Ivan Defabiani

Urška Kastelic

Rebeka Stanovnik, Anabela Kosanović, Marta Gargiulo


The traditional Living Nativity in Postojna Cave takes place between 25 and 30 December. The performances take place several times a day from 13:30 onwards. 

Living Nativity, Tickets

Each ticket includes:

  • a cave train ride
  • the Living Nativity show
  • 4 vocal performances
  • 5 instrumental performances
  • various dance acts
  • a tour of Postojna Cave
  • 50% discount on tickets to the Predjama Castle, Vivarium Proteus or the Expo Cave Karst exhibition

Other Important Information

The 90-minute Living Nativity tour is staged along a five-kilometre-long route.

The initial three and a half kilometres are seen during a train ride and the second part, which is a kilometre and a half long, on foot. The performances are a fascinating experience for adults and children alike.

Comfortable clothing and footwear is recommended – no need to worry about being cold, the temperature inside the cave is 10 °C year-round.

Due to the nature of the tour, viewing the Living Nativity spectacle inside Postojna Cave is not suitable for wheelchair-bound visitors.

Special offer: pair the Living Nativity with other Postojna Cave Park attractions – take advantage of a special offer and get a 50% discount on tickets to the Predjama Castle, Vivarium or the Expo Cave Karst, an award-winning interactive exhibition about the karst and the history of Postojna Cave. The discount is available at the ticket office.

A Message of Hope and Joy: The Living Nativity in Postojna Caves isn’t just a breathtaking display; it’s a powerful reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

It’s a story of love, hope, and the miracle that brings us all together during this special time of year.

Get to know the performers, who make the performance so special

The biblical story, which is staged for six days every year, is a collaboration of no fewer than 150 performers, who prepare for it all year long. One of the performers, Milan K., usually shaves every Wednesday and Sunday morning – however, for the past few years, since he joined the Living Nativity ensemble, his very last shave of the year takes place in early October.

Read the Story

If you are wondering why in October – this is when his transformation into Zechariah starts for one of the most challenging Living Nativity. After all the performances are over, he shaves his beard off – his wife is not a big fan of it.