Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is situated in the middle of a towering cliff, a mere 9 km from Postojna Cave. Picturesque, magnificent, defiant, mysterious and impregnable, it has been dominating the surrounding area, perched high up in the 123-metre high cliff, for more than 800 years. It is listed among the Guinness World Records as the largest cave castle in the world.

Predjama Castle with its location and mysterious tunnels is truly something special. It impresses visitors with how well the natural cave and the man-made castle walls are interwoven, sometimes making it difficult to see where the former ends and the latter begin.

In the past, the castle provided the venue for the filming of several science documentaries and feature films. A few years ago, the castle was visited by a Discovery Channel team that was in search of any unexplained events and managed to capture a number of visual images and sounds that could not be quite clearly specified. In 1986, Predjama Castle was one of the filming locations of the film Armour of God with Jackie Chan in the starring role.

Its picturesque interior and exterior would make a perfect venue for the filming of historical and fantasy films such as Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. In 2011, the castle was visited by the famous writer and screenwriter George R. R. Martin, and who knows when he might return to Predjama with a new screenplay in hand.

The castle offers a unique insight into the construction techniques and ingenuity of medieval people who came here searching for a safe haven right at the entrance to the cave. During a siege in the 15th century, the castle offered refuge to its most famous and notorious owner - Erazem of Predjama. The appealing and inspiring legend about the brave robber baron Erazem, who had remained undefeated until he was betrayed by one of his servants, still lives on in the common lore, and rightly so as the gallant knight resisted the besiegers inside his safe castle for over a year without any major problems.

The karstic terrain beneath the castle with its cave system was an excellent choice. It provided Erazem and his people with a secret passage that lead to freedom, a source of drinking water, a further place for hiding and storage of food - everything that turned out to be indispensable, invaluable and essential during the siege.

Between May and September, visitors are also able to have a look around the picturesque Cave under Predjama Castle. Due to its location and favourable temperatures the cave is inhabited by a colony of bats, as a result of which visitors have no access to it during the bats' hibernation.

Visitors to Predjama Castle now have the opportunity to see a renovated room inside the main castle attic. Back in the day, the room, which boasts a superb view of the entire valley and the roads leading to the castle, served both as an area from where the castle’s defence crew defended the castle and their dwelling place. Nowadays, the room gives an insight into the castle area once used by the team tasked with the castle’s defence. Visitors can have a look at a number of replicas of various weapons, including spears and halberds, swords, war hammers, bows and crossbows, as well as quite likely the most noteworthy and most valuable ones, i.e. armours. Medieval weapons, which were cold weapons for the most part, often required users to possess a lot of strength, experience and skill. As is the case with everything else, the weapons highlighted a significant difference between the nobility and the peasants. As their acquisition imposed a heavy financial burden, armours and swords were almost always owned and used by the noblemen. The late Middle Ages saw the arrival of firearms, some of which are on display in the castle as well. Within a period of a few decades, the firearms completely changed the combat methods and equipment. 

Church of Our Lady of Sorrows and Erazem's Linden Tree

They are located in the middle of the village of Predjama. Legend has it that the knight Erazem used to rest under the linden tree and that the tree was planted on the grave by a grieving girl.

The church is mentioned in documents dating back to 1549, when it was consecrated by the then Bishop of Trieste, Enea Silvio Piccolomini, later Pope Pius II. Its Gothic design is attested by the nave, the bell tower and the chancel, with traces of Renaissance reconstructions performed at a later time clearly visible. The frescoes from the 15th century, destroyed by humidity, were attributed to the Master Painter of the village of Srednja vas near Šenčur. The carved golden altar dates back to the 17th century.

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Cave under Predjama Castle

The network of cave passages in Predjama is more than 14 km in length; it covers the area both under and behind the castle, as well as a hidden passageway that leads from the castle into the open. Although the cave is a branched and long one, only the 700-metre long section closest to the entrance is open for regular visitor tours. The 700 metres accessible to visitors encompass the Stable, the Main Passage, the Passage of Names, the Great Hall and Fiženca, where the exit to the surface is located.

No electric lighting is provided inside the cave, however, visitors are provided with battery-powered lights and helmets before entering the cave. Comfortable clothing and footwear are required.

Several species of bats inhabit the cave, which makes it even more interesting to visitors, but also results in the cave being closed to the public during the winter to prevent from bats being disturbed during their hibernation.

There are approximately 250 steps inside the cave, but stops are made along the way, which makes walking around a lot easier. Children (min 6 years) are only allowed to enter the cave if accompanied by an adult.

Adventure enthusiasts will undoubtedly be interested in one of our adventure tours - a descent into the Predjama Cave System below Predjama Castle, which they will be able to descend into like real cavers.

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Erazem's Knight Tournament

Erazem's Knight Tournament has been taking place for a decade and a half. For the past two years, the Night of Fire and Fun has been held on Saturday as an introduction to the medieval tournament that takes place the next day, on Sunday, and is becoming increasingly special and popular with visitors.

The Saturday programme gives visitors an opportunity to see what night-time sieges of the castle used to be like, get to know medieval dances, games with fire, and have fun listening to medieval music late into the night. The main part of Erazem's Knight Tournament held on Sunday is to bring to life the legend about Erazem of Predjama and the siege of the castle. The tournament features a variety of events of interest to children and adults alike.