Food and Beverage Establishments

A wide range of adventures inside the cave and in its surrounding area is complemented with a variety of establishments offering food and drinks. Carefully selected culinary pampering can be indulged in at the new Restaurant Proteus in the centre of Postojna.

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Magdalena Food & Fun


Meet Magdalena! A new Postojna Cave Park restaurant, located right next to the entrance to the iconic Hotel Jama. Magdalena Food & Fun is a perfect place for all those globetrotting travellers, who – following the underground adventures inside Postojna Cave – crave some good old gourmet classics with a modern twist. Modern street food is definitely the right choice for you. A wide range of gourmet burgers, craft beers, house-made ice teas and excellent coffee never disappoints. 

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The restaurant, Magdalena, was named after Magdalena Cave, one of the five Postojna Cave system caves, which the restaurant imitates architecturally. A narrow shaft in the middle of the forest represents a dramatic entrance to the cave and an inspiring, green-clad view upwards – towards the surface and the light. Equally dramatic is the upward view in the middle of the restaurant, towards a high glass ceiling. Covered in greenery, it efficiently imitates the entrance to the cave. A large central table – a community table – is available to those guests who love having company. In fact, the basic caving rule according to which nobody goes into the caves alone applies on the surface as well. Comfortable couches and a lounge area are a much welcome place to relax after all those cave adventures, perfect for sharing the highlights of Postojna Cave, the queen of caves, with your friends, while feasting on the perfect flavours of the restaurant's signature dish, the "Cave Burger", recommended by the Caveman. A modern and enticing interior with a warm touch adds to the experience of our new restaurant. Come, relax and experience the Postojna Cave Park through Magdalena Food & Fun. Welcome!


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Self-service restaurant Briljant

Pizzas, tasty lunches, ice cream and grilled treats can all be enjoyed in the Self-Service Restaurant Briljant, located on the renovated ground floor of Hotel Jama.

Visitors can choose to sit and have a meal in a number of different, yet interconnected, restaurant areas: a pizzeria, a farmhouse courtyard, a Karst house or a terrace with an outdoor grill.

A perfect choice for groups looking for a fast meal and visitors who have not made any food-related arrangements in advance. Free Wi-Fi.

Hotel Café

Treat yourself to a little rest, a refreshing drink, an ice cream or a house-made dessert. Or simply sit down for a bit, think about what you have already seen and decide what to see next.

Modrijan Homestead

Have a look around Modrijan Homestead, which consists of the Lower Mill, a residential building and a saw mill.

Inside the mill, which boast a long-standing tradition, you can get familiar with millers' work (the homestead’s stone door frame still features a clearly visible year 1593 chiselled into the stone, as well as initials W. H. – relating to the former mill owner Wolfgang Huber). On the ground floor of the residential building, you can enjoy house-made snacks, freshly baked bread, delicious dry-cured ham, cheese and a glass of wine, while children are pampered with house-made cakes and pastries.

During the summer months, house-made treats are also served in the shady garden.

Jamski dvorec mansion - A culinary centre

In the immediate vicinity of the Postojna Cave entrance is where the Jamski Dvorec Mansion event and culinary centre is located. The mansion’s cuisine boasts a long-standing tradition paired with modern gastronomic trends. A wide range of excellent food options is available at all times and guests can choose from numerous refreshing drinks, salads and snacks. Sit down to have a delicious lunch at affordable prices or enjoy a coffee and one of our house-made desserts in the restaurant garden.

Restaurant Proteus is located less than a kilometre away from Postojna Cave, in a beautiful, traditional old house typical of the region.

Similarly striking is the restaurant’s interior – a unique combination of modern and ancient features.

Unique dining booths made of white strings that form delicate curtains resembling those inside the cave, combined with a priceless collection of Leo Vilhar’s artistic depictions of the underground world, create a one-of-a-kind ambience.

Culinary treats on offer include daily menus as well as dishes from the treasury of local house-made cuisine combined with modern culinary trends.

Special attention is devoted to guests who wish to have a little sit-down with a cup of coffee or a desert and forget how time flies for at least a few moments. Free Wi-Fi is available in all restaurant and accommodation areas.

The food served in Restaurant Proteus is healthy, as no powdered flavour intensifiers are used to prepare it. Our sauces contain no flour or any other sauce thickeners, making the food easier to digest and preventing a heavy feeling in your stomach after eating. All of our vegetables are fresh (not frozen) and meat is prepared in a way to retain its own juices. Our seasoning mainly consists of pepper and salt (Fleur de Sel, one of the best and most renowned salts in the world).