Visitors with Mobility Impairments

Attractions within the Postojna Cave Park are accessible to wheelchair users and visitors with mobility impairments. 

There are special parking spaces designated for visitors with mobility impairments within the Postojna Cave Park, as well as adapted access points and accessible toilets. 

Postojna Cave

Postojna Cave is fully adapted to visitors with mobility impairments. During the cave tour, the Postojna Cave staff help getting visitors on and off the train and make sure wheelchairs are delivered to the final train stop.

The path through the cave has a non-slip concrete surface, is without stairs and has only one slightly sloping section. Visitors with mobility impairments who need a wheelchair and/or assistance from a companion are recommended to visit the part of Postojna Cave that is toured by train. Of course, you can also choose to do the entire tour, however, only if you are assisted by a companion, who can help you over the only sloping tour section in the cave.

All visitors with mobility impairments and their companions are entitled a 50% discount on tour tickets, providing they present a suitable mobility impartment certificate.

Expo Cave Karst

The exhibition is housed in a new building that has been fully adapted to wheelchair users. 


The zoo with cave-dwelling animals is located in the immediate vicinity of the Postojna Cave entrance and can be accessed by wheelchair users.

Predjama Castle

Unfortunately, medieval architects did not adapt the castle to visitors with mobility impairments. As there are many steps, the castle is not suitable for people with severe mobility problems and wheelchair users.