200 Years of Postojna Cave Adventures

2018 is a very special year for Postojna Cave, as we are celebrating 200 years since the discovery of the cave's most beautiful parts. Our visitors can look forward to a number of amazing, previously unknown stories, a great celebration and other smaller yet equally interesting events. Join us in our wonderful subterranean world. 

200 let - SL - vrhnja slika 200 let - SL - vrhnja slika

"Here is a new world, here is paradise!"

This is how the Postojna Cave lamplighter, Luka Čeč, described his discovery of  Postojna Cave's most beautiful parts on 14 April 1818, after he had climbed a cave wall, reaching a previously unknown passage and discovering the new parts. Over the past two hundred years, the cave's splendours have been admired by more than 38 million visitors, who have spread the word about the cave all over the world.

200 Years, Countless Stories

The magical subterranean world of Postojna Cave hides many stories that we are very proud to share with you. Unusual animals, famous visitors, the world's only underground post office ... is this enough to make you intrigued? You are kindly invited to read some more about it.

Luka Čeč Platform

The anniversary year was marked by opening a renovated cave train platform named after Luka Čeč, the man who had the discovered the most beautiful parts of the cave. The platform renovation was long overdue and the architect Niki Motoh believes that "the concept of architecture inside the cave cannot and must not defy the energy and the cave experience – it needs to be subtly adapted to the spirit of the natural environment".

The Discovery of Wonderworld

The space under the famous stairs leading to Postojna Cave is dedicated to exhibitions. The first exhibition – held as part of the 200th anniversary of the discovery of the cave's most beautiful parts – features the lesser-known Postojna Cave corners and some facts about the queen of caves.