3 countries, 3 days, 1 hotel


14900 EUR

Children from 6 to 15 years  

8940 EUR

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Hotel Jama has received an incredible 9.6 rating on booking.com, making it the best rated hotel in Slovenia! Its location is ideal for day trips to Italy (36 km), Croatia (39 km), the Slovenian coast (60 km) and Ljubljana (50 km). Visit three countries in three days!

The package includes: 

2 x overnight stay in the new Jama Hotel
Upgrade to a superior room with a balcony and a panoramic view
A welcome drink
A surprise gift
Free parking
Free Wi-Fi
A guided tour of Postojna Cave, the largest attraction in Slovenia
A unique ride on a subterranean train
Meeting baby dragons 
A tour of medieval Predjama Castle (Guinness Book of World Records) + free audio guide
A tour of the interactive EXPO Postojna Cave Karst exhibition
A tour of the Modrijan Homestead with its mill and lumber mill